The Gatherer

The Gatherer, the first book in The Gatherer Series, was published by Kensington Books. Rebel Base Imprint in November 2019. The second installment, The Hunted, will be released in the fall of 2020. “This near-future sf thriller illuminates tipping points in ecological power and scientific pursuit. An action-packed plot, with well-rounded characters and an intriguing premise make it recommended … Read More


Erotica is one of the more difficult forms of fiction to succeed at and I was thrilled to win the CAA Leacock/Simcoe Erotic prose contest with this submission. “I’m not going.” Fibbi stopped her bike, her small legs straddling the cross bar on either side. Rain drummed down around her. Catherine coasted by, water licking … Read More

Crag Lake

Over-ambitious entrepreneur Cat Banks didn’t want to turn her mother’s death into a business opportunity but the abandoned gold mine that Cat stands to inherit will go a long way to paying off salaries and defaulted loans. The development will destroy the land her mother spent her life protecting but what else is Cat supposed … Read More

The Gatherer

The Gatherer, the first book in The Gatherer Series, was published by the Rebel Base Imprint of Kensington Books in November of 2019. The second installment is to be published in the fall of 2020. Progress on the audiobook development will be posted here when I have it. “The Gatherer by Colleen Winter is my favorite … Read More