The third book in The Gatherer series, THE STORM, launched on May 25, 2023.

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We all make mistakes.

But what if you’d made a mistake that endangered the earth and everyone on it?

In the compelling finale of redemption and technology-gone-wrong, inventor Storm Freeman has one final chance to take back the device she gave to the world.  

The Gatherer delivers free infinite energy along with an illness with no known cure. Afflicted herself, Storm is heading back to the compound where she built the device to put an end to the suffering. But when she encounters a Gatherer so corrupted from her original design that she hardly recognizes it, she’ll need all her strength and that of those around her, to finally stop the lethal device she created.

“THE STORM is a compelling, thought-provoking read. Winter’s beautiful writing builds to a powerful, emotional ending that will leave readers eager for whatever she does next.” – Adam Hamdy, International Best-Selling Author of THE OTHER SIDE OF NIGHT

“THE STORM starts like a crack of lightning and keeps the reader mesmerized with fast-paced action through each new chapter, right through to the explosive, emotional, unsettling ending. Winter’s expressive writing builds an otherworldly setting with perfectly illuminated characters: their struggles through grief, fear, and despair to, ultimately, a glimmer of hope. Winter’s story of Storm and her Gatherer is frighteningly real.” – Deborah Levison, author of THE CRATE and A NEST OF SNAKES